Week of Love – Part 2

The second post of “The Week of Love” (once again, say it with your best Barry White voice), is Aimee’s (aka Momzoo) ability to improve herself and her family.

In todays world, it is common place, and even encouraged to stagnate, and to stay where you are.  There are a lot of factors that make it easier to stay with the status quo and not to improve and change.  Society does not always push you to become a better person.  In fact, I would say that society tells you to do the opposite.  Follow the easy path, and if you fail, then someone else will pick you up and carry you.  (Oh, this is not suppose to be a political post). 

Aimee has an inner drive to be better and to help those around her be better.  Over the past couple of years our family has made some major changes to become more self sufficient, and to become better.  Here are some examples.  We are eating healthier, instead of eating packaged processed food (which is really easy to do now days), Aimee pushes the family to eat healthy, and sometimes she does have to push.  As part of that, we also raise our own chickens, and our green grass is being replaced by garden boxes and other plants.   Last year, we put up several fences, but not your typical fences.  These fences are designed for grapes, blackberries, and raspberries.

Another area she has help the family grow is with tasks.  One of her main goals is to make our daughters and son become productive members of society and to give to society and not drain on society.  To do this, she has setup stewardships for each family member.  Every week, each family member has a stewardship that they are responsible for.  We also have after dinner assignments, and the kids are responsible for feeding and watering the animals as well.  Like all children, they do sometimes complain, but they are learning some valuable traits.

She also is home schooling our oldest daughters.  And in the process she is instilling the desire to learn.  Our oldest daughter use to hate to read, but now she likes to do it.   She has made both of their lives better by teaching them values as well as giving them an education.

I don’t know how she does it.  At times, I just want to let everything slide and do what is easy.  I think Aimee is the same way, and would at times like to throw her hands up in the air and say she is done.  But she has an inner drive that does not allow her to do that.  And because of that inner drive, she will continue to become a better person, and in the process she will raise up those around her.

Thanks Aimee, you make those around you better every day.