Week of LOVE – Part Three and Four

I have to say I am sorry, because I did not get a post in yesterday for the “Week of Love” (best Barry white voice please when saying Week of Love).  But I took my better half shopping for a treadmill, and out to lunch.  And then I had to put the treadmill together last night.  We bought the Horizon GS1050T, you can purchase the ProForm version at amazon.com (Proform 1050T Treadmill).  Right now they are having a great sale on them at Sports Authority as well (SportsAuthority.com).  Now before I get booed off the stage, I want everyone to know that Aimee has wanted a treadmill for 10 years now, and all I have done is gotten her hand-me-down ones.  This is the first one we have had that she can actually train to run on, which is what she wants to do.

Having said that, the Treadmill brings up a couple of items that I want to praise Aimee for.  The first one is why we need the treadmill.  No, I am not praising her for our Humpty and Dumpty figures, but for her ability to cook.  Aimee is an excellent cook.  All you have to do is visit her Momzoo BLOG and you will see what I am talking about.  She can cook and bake like nothing else.  I love this about her, instead of wanting to feed us what is easy and not necessarily good for us, she spends the time to cook a meal from scratch almost every night.  (Friday nights are an exception, some of the time, because it is date night).   I come home lots of times to the smell of sweet corn bread cooking, bread baking in the oven, or my favorite sweet and sour chicken.  When the kids have their birthday dinner (a tradition at our house), they get to pick what they want to eat for that dinner.  These birthday dinners have never been requests for store/restaurant prepared foods, they are always requests for things that Aimee cooks.  (Kallie this year did want the BIG CHOCOLATE CAKE from Costco this year.)  My favorite treat that she makes is a New York style cheese cake.  It is the BEST I have ever tasted, and it has taken her some time to prefect it.  I have to agree with her Mom, Sisters, and Brothers when they gave her the nickname of “Betty Crocker”.   Aimee takes the time to prepare and try new things to have a healthy and happy family. (Check out a typical 2 week menu that Aimee cooks for us.)

The next thing I want to praise Aimee about is her thirst for knowledge and reading.  The joke in our house is, “It is as hard to keep Aimee in books as it is to keep the kids in shoes.”   Everyone knows that with kids keeping them in shoes can be a challenge. They grow so fast and need new ones, they loose them, or the just wear them out.  Aimee is the same with books.   She reads them very quickly, but she never looses them, but they do get worn out over time.  There is not a book in our house, except for mine, that she has not read at least twice.  Some of our books have been read hundreds of times and show that in their bindings.  It is not uncommon to see Aimee doing her Mom/Wife duties and not have a book close at hand.  She reads while eating (only when we are not eating as a family), she will read in the shower (something I have not mastered yet), and there is always an open book by her nightstand so she can read before she goes to sleep.   Her favorite anniversary present is a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble and me being willing to spend several hours with her looking through books.  I love this about Aimee.  She has been to every country in the World, has been in every era in History, and has read up on anything she finds interesting.  If she has a question, or wants to learn more about something, we will have a book in the house on it within the week.  But this love for reading has also improved the family.  We have had kids that had a hard time reading, but Aimee’s love for reading has worn off on them.  Our kids carry books around all the time now as well, and some of them stay up WAY to late reading in their beds.  The kids love to go to Student/Educator/Parent night at the school, not to see their teacher, but to buy a book at the book fair.  I have never been a fast or fluent reader, but since I have married Aimee, I have read more books in the last few years than I have the rest of my life.  I have found that reading is enjoyable, it just has to something I want to read about.

Aimee always finds time to cook a good meal, and 99% of the time tasty as well, or to increase her knowledge by reading good books.