Week of Love – Final Post

I was reading a talk recently by Jeffery R. Holland called “How Do I Love Thee“.   (This is the talk I am going to base my Charity talk on for Sunday this week)   In that talk, he talks about the title of his talk. 

I have taken for a title to my remarks Mrs. Browning’s wonderful line “How do I love thee?” (Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Sonnets from the Portuguese [1850], no. 43.) I am not going to “count the ways” this morning, but I am impressed with her choice of adverb–not when do I love thee nor where do I love thee nor why do I love thee nor why don’t you love me, but, rather, how. How do I demonstrate it, how do I reveal my true love for you? Mrs. Browning was correct. Real love is best shown in the “how,” and it is with the how that Mormon and Paul help us the most.

I think that Aimee fits the title of this talk, and the comments that Elder Holland made perfectly.  She does not have any conditions on her love for me and our 5 kids.   It is never when, where, or why do I love them, but always How do I demonstrate it.   She demonstrates her love with every action she does.  There are times when she needs her own time, and looks forward to the kids going to bed.  But once they are in bed, she still does not stop with the how.  She is always doing dishes, doing laundry, or letting her husband rub her back and shoulders as she works on a baby blanket for a neighbor.  

Elder Holland says that Charity is the pure love of Christ, and that no one but Christ has done it perfectly.  I would have to say that Aimee is a very close second.   She shows charity on weekly, daily, and every second of her waking hours.