Turdacrat (noun)  [turd-ah-krat]

  1. a mean, contemptible narcissistic person who views themselves as one of the ruling class.
  2. a narcissistic individual that believes that their policies/ideals that are offensive to propriety should be regarded with wonder by a lower class of individuals.
  3. a politician that believes they need to save the working class from themselves while passing legislation that the working class views as turd legislation (legislation that is offensive to honesty or propriety or that just stink).

Turdacrats don’t have to be in public office, they can also be found shoveling their turd ideas (ideas that are offensive to honesty or propriety or just plain stink) on the Huffington Post, and other turdacrat blogs.   They can also sometimes be found on the freeway, driving their look at me cars, while weaving in and out of traffic with little regard to the lower class drivers on the road.

Using Turdacrat in a sentence:

  1. Pelosi is a true turdacrat.
  2. Did you see that turdacrat, driving that Cadillac, just pull in-front of me talking on the phone?
  3. The current Health Care Bill is being driven by a bunch of turdacrats.
  4. Did you read that turdacrat’s blog post on the Huffington Post?


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