Springfield XD 40, 3 inch, 2 Tone

Well, I finally broke down and purchased a handgun.  I was debating between the 9mm or the 40mm, and was pretty sure I was going to get a Springfield XDM instead of the XD, but when I went to the store, and handled this baby, I had to have it.

I do not really like the feel of the gun in my hand unless it has the extended magazine in it.  The extended magazine gives the gun an additional inch or so in handle length.  But because this is a sub-compact, it will be easy to carry and use if needed.  It came with a holster, magazine holsters, cleaning accessories, gun lock, standard magazine, and an extended magazine.

Of course, I had to buy some ammo, and a box of Snap Caps 40 S&W 5Pk.  The snap caps allow you to practice with the hand gun.  They are designed to allow you to load, chamber a round and fire, without hurting the gun or anyone around.

Here are a couple more pictures of the hand gun with ammo.  The one extended magazine has the snap caps in it.

I also purchased hollow point rounds for personal protection, and a bunch of full metal jacket rounds for practicing.


I have yet to of fired the gun, but plan on doing that soon.  Other things keep coming up.