Utah State Legislative Re-Cap… State Rights

If there has been a theme for this session of the legislature.  I would say that the theme for this session has been state rights.   Here is a recap of some of the actions done by the state legislature that are a push back to the federal government and a message to them that Utah wants to keep its freedoms and rights in Utah.

  1. SB 11 – Utah State-made Firearms protection Act
  2. HB 324 – Public Lands Litigation
  3. HB 143 – Eminent Domain Authority
  4. HB 146 – Law Enforcement by Federal Land management Agency
  5. HJR 11 – Joint Resolution Regarding Federal Health Insurance Reform
  6. HJR 10 – Joint Resolution Opposing the Establishment of a Federal Commission on State Worker’s Compensation Laws
  7. HRJ 12 – Climate Change Joint Resolution
  8. SJR 6 – State Sovereignty and Tenth Amendment
  9. SJR 1 – Escalante Heritage Hole-in-the-rock Center Joint Resolution
  10. HCR 8 – Concurrent Resolution on Federal Health Care Reform

They also did a lot of transparency work, and limited a lot of what they can and can’t do.  Here is a list of a lot of the Ethics actions.

  1. HB 124 – Campaign Funds Expenditure Restrictions
  2. HB 267 Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act Amendments
  3. HB 270 financial Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Amendments
  4. HJR 14 Joint Rules Resolution on Financial Disclosures
  5. HJR 15 Joint Resolution on Legislative Ethics Commission
  6. SB 136 Open and Public Meeting Revisions Related to Review of Ethics Complaints
  7. SB 138 Grama Revisions Related to Review of Ethics Complaints
  8. SJR 3 Joint Resolution on Ethics Complaint Procedures
  9. SJR 19 Joint Rules resolution on Ethics Complaints

You can get a complete list of all of the bills that passed by going to the le.utah.gov website.