Minnetonka Cave

I have always had a love for Caves.  I guess it started when my older sister took me to a cave when I was in Junior High (I even did a science fair project on water in caves when I was in 9th grade).   I have not been able to visit them as often as I would like.   During a recent vacation we had the opportunity to visit Minnetonka Cave in Idaho, in the Bear Lake valley.   Here are some pictures of that cave that I took.  I hope you enjoy them, there are some pretty cool formations.  See if you can see the different formations.

NOTICE: There are a lot of pictures on this page, and they may take some time to download.  If you would like a higher resolution picture of any of these, let me know.  I am not the best at taking cave photos, but some of them turned out pretty good.

The first picture is for the grandparents so they can see their grand kids.  🙂


  1. We went there a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I don't know about going up that staircase with a 3 year old Sam on my back though.

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