Temper Tantrum

No one likes seeing a kid throw a Temper Tantrum.  And it is even worse when a parent decides that they need to re-enforce the behavior and set up a precedence.    I have heard someone say that, “A temper tantrum is not funny when a three year old does it, and is ridiculous when an adult does it.”

Now lets take this on a bigger scale.  Lets say that a group of people get upset about something that the government does.   Then this group of people riot because of it.  With the recent verdict of Johannes Mehserle, adults throw a Temper Tantrum in downtown Oakland.  In the process they Loot the following businesses:  Subway, Foot Locker, Sears, Far East National Bank, Rite-Aid drugstore, Luka’s Taproom, Ozumo Japanese, Oaksterdam University, Oakland Coin and Jewelry Exchange, Whole Foods, Grace Beauty Supply, JC Jewelry, the Acura dealership showroom, Wells Fargo, California Bank and Trust, US Bank and Bank of the West.[*]

In response, the DOJ does not look into the riot participants, but is now looking to “determine whether or not the shooting merits federal prosecution.”[*]   So in other words, they are supporting the Temper Tantrum of the people who rioted after the verdict.  What message does this really send?   It sends the message that if you don’t like something that happens, throw a temper tantrum and the government will give you what you want.  And heck, in the process you can get a nice big screen TV, and a new pair of running shoes.  You are then equipped to do it quicker next time, and watch the aftermath in style.

There are other ways to disagree…  Some people just need to learn how to disagree appropriately.


  1. I would honestly like to learn how to disagree appropriately as an adult in adult situations. The truth is, there are plenty of places and times when things happen that we disagree with and are justified in expressing that. I would love to throw rotten tomatoes at the establishment, but instead I choose more subversive tactics. I don't know if that's appropriate. I'd love to learn how to get the message across in a productive manner. That wasn't something I learned growing up, and that's unfortunate. I think it's an important skill to teach our children, but it's sure tougher when we don't have that skill ourselves.

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