Any LDS member that has or had had a temple recommend, has had to answer a list of questions before they are given the OK to go into the temple.  The list includes things like do you Believe in God, live the Law of Chastity, keep the Word of Wisdom, and pay a full tithe.   But I think that the hardest question to answer is “Are you honest in your dealings with your fellowmen?”.

This one always makes me think.  Most people probably think that it reads, “Are you honest in your business dealings with your fellowmen?”   I think that being honest in your business dealings is included, but just is part of it.  I think it is ALL your dealings with fellowmen.  Those dealings include business, social, friendship, etc.

I constantly hear stories of people who I think would have to answer no to this question.  Do you collect money from someone to perform a service, and then days later file for bankruptcy?  Is that being honest with your dealings?  Are you trying to hide income, or finding loopholes to avoid taxes?  Is that being honest in all your dealings?

I think that this is one of the questions that makes a person better than another person (not in the sense of pride, but in the sense of adding to humanity).   If you are always honest in your dealings with your fellowmen, then you are adding to humanity, and not taking away from it.  Imagine what the world would be like if you were honest in all your dealings.   If any time you interacted with someone, you were honest in those interactions.

If all business transactions were based on honesty, and nothing hidden in the transaction.  If you were honest to your family and relatives in all your dealings.   What would the world be like?  If everyone were honest in all their dealings, this world would be a better place.  I did a blog entry about this earlier “Society – Is based on Lies”  I think that it still applies.  When do you think that society will get to the point when everyone will be honest with everyone else?  Do you think that society will ever be able to reach this point?


  1. I so agree! There was just an article in the April Ensign that addressed this topic. Something I too have been thinking a lot about lately. Good post!

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