Muskogee OK??

Why a trip to Muskogee OK?   I have been asked that a few times in the last week or so, so here is the answer.  I can only think of a few things in my life that I regret doing.  One of them happened almost three years ago.  I had a Vasectomy.   Aimee and I after having our first boy and fifth child had the procedure done.  It was a mistake.  After talking about it we both came to the conclusion that neither of us really felt good about it.  But both of us were relying on the other to make the decision.  So the decision was made, but neither of us really wanted to have it done.  COMMUNICATION is necessary in a relationship.  We both figured that the other had a better reason than we did.  So we went ahead and had it done.

Alot has changed in our relationship since then.  We have gotten rid of some extra baggage and in the process have come closer as a couple.  And during the course of becoming closer we talked about the vasectomy and both realized that it was a mistake.  So the quest went on how to fix the problem.  We decided that it had to be a Microscopic Vasectomy Reversal.  After looking into it, we found that the procedure in UTAH was VERY expensive, and there were few doctors that would to the microscopic version of the procedure.  So we went looking on the internet.  That is when we found Dr. Wilson in Muskogee OK.  His price was GREAT, and Aimee had a BLOG world friend that had used his services and was very pleased with it.  So we traveled to OK to get it done. (He is booked out 3 months, and has people waiting to get a time.)

What did I learn from the process?  1- I can spend 48 hours in the car with Aimee and enjoy every minute of it.  2- The procedure hurts.  3- (the most important), that you need to have open communication with your spouse.  If you have any doubts, or comments, you need to share them.  The vasectomy in the first place was a mistake, and it could of been avoided if both of us felt comfortable enough to talk about it.

Aimee and I have found ourselves counting out kids, and looking for a sixth child.  We will be leaving a restaurant, or church and will look for the sixth kid.   Now that we have both started communicating like we should we know that there is at least another little Kieffer kid waiting to come down to Earth.

If you have any doubts about something that is going to impact your future, make SURE that you discuss them with your spouse.  Don’t assume that the other knows better or more than you do.  Communication is a must, or you will regret your choices.  We were lucky, we had the resources needed to get the reversal done.  I don’t know what we would of done if we would not of come up with a way to get it reversed. 

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t do anything unless BOTH of you agree 100%, especially for something this important.


  1. 🙂 I'm so happy for you guys! Glad you got your BARK back, and hoping it works. You guys make such darling kids!

    Vince & I experienced the whole "miscommunication" thing a few summers ago when we planted our garden. We ended up with several cucumber plants. When they got big enough to harvest, neither of us were eating them. So finally Vince said, "Why don't you eat those cucumbers?" I said, "I hate cucumbers. We got them cause you like them, remember?" And he said, "I don't like cucumbers. I thought YOU liked them!" LOL! We both thought the other one loved them so we planted them. Ended up wasting a lot of cukes that year! Fortunately, the stakes were much lower than yours though when we learned OUR lesson! But thanks for the advice.

    I also got a good laugh when Kallie was at piano and told me she was going to miss next week. When I asked why, she said you were going to OK to "Have surgery to reverse the surgery you had done before." I chuckled real good over that one! Congrats again! Crossing my fingers for you guys!

  2. I'm in the divorced/dating world right now and the vasectomy thing is brought up often. Men quite often were done having kids and had a vasectomy while married. (My ex did as well.) I KNEW our family was complete after 3 kids and never had the desire for more (my youngest was 6 when I got divorced).

    After the divorce something instantly changed in me. I KNEW… just KNEW that I was going to give birth to 2 more kids. It has been a really interesting experience to explain that to guys who don't want more kids. They don't understand it. I knew each one of my kids needed to come to our family and then I knew I was done. Now I know I'm meant to have more.

    It's such an amazing gift that Heavenly Father gives us to know that. I'm not a baby person at all and quite love the independence of having older children, so I often think I'm crazy for "wanting" more, but I can't deny what the spirit is telling me. It limits my dating choices, but I will know when the person is right 🙂

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