Just about anything.

Momzoo that other day was shopping at Barnes and Noble and found a notebook that she fell in love with.  It is an old leather notebook that has pages without lines (momzoo’s is the top one, in the picture above) .  She has since started to just write and doodle in this notebook during the day, before she goes to bed, etc.  

I don’t look in her notebook unless she lets me, and when she does, I am amazed at some of the drawings, doodles, and thoughts that she has put to paper.

Then I was at Barnes and Noble before our trip to OK, and I decided that I wanted to purchase one as well.  (I also picked up the last two books in the Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix).  I then did my first doodle in the book that night.  It was of a tree, with the names of our kids at the bottom of the tree.  I find it handy to have a place that I can write whatever I feel like writing.  I have done several pages since then, one where I identify what is identity and what outside influences define our identity.  I then wrote the word SELF in the middle of the page and then wrote what I believe forms my idea of self.  I found it a very enlightening process.

Momzoo and I are reading (well she has read it, and I am listening to it) a book called And They Were Not Ashamed.   In Chapter 11 of the book, the author Laura M. Brotherson gives you an exercise that she says will help you find who you are and develop your identity and your feel of self.  She suggests that you read your Patriarchal Blessing and then write the insights it gives you in the following three areas:

  • Who Am I
  • My Promises, Gifts and Blessings
  • Counsel and Warnings to Me

I suggest that everyone goes and gets some type of notebook, it does not have to be a leather one like Momzoo and I purchased.  It can be just a scrap of paper, but then start to write your feelings, questions, etc that you have.  This process will help make them more concrete and allow you to really start thinking about things.  If you have a Patriarchal Blessing, I suggest that you do that above exercise.  Read it, and then write down the points in it for each of the three categories.

The other night, Momzoo and I sat in bed for some time and each wrote in our notebooks.  The next day we both commented on how we each enjoyed sitting together and just thinking and writing about things.
Below is an example of one that you cay buy from Barnes and Noble. You can also find them at most of your local book stores.  Barnes and Noble, I think, has a better selection than Borders, but that is my personal opinion.

Thanks to Momzoo for taking the top two pictures.  She really has a talent for photography, maybe that is something I need to encourage development of more in her.  🙂   I wonder what she could do with some classes under her belt.