Office Prank – Windows 3.11 (for Workgroups)

In the office I work in, if you are gone for more than a couple of days, you will have a joke played on you.  It can be anything from your computer systems missing, you LCD monitors replaced with huge CRT monitors.  Your office can be turned into a cardboard box.   Last year when I went on vacation, they did this to my cubical – Office Prank 2009

This year they got almost the entire IT team to help out.  This is an OLD DELL OpiPlex GX1, with a small hard drive and a extra small monitor.  They dug a 7 inch monitor out of the basement.  When I came back to the office, all my other stuff had been replace with this.  The cool thing is, what the OS was that was running on it.  From the picture, does anyone want to take a guess?  Yup, the installed DOS 6.0 and then loaded Windows 3.11 on the computer.

Nothing like working in an old OS and Application.


  1. Remember when you had to learn how to use DOS to graduate from high school?

    Today I was reading a book to the kids and it said something about a secretary using a typewriter. They said, "MAN! This book is OLD!"


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