Boy Touch…. Girl Touch….

This weekend was a FUN weekend.  After the regular Saturday and Sunday events, we had a day to ourselves.  If you can call it that.  Momzoo and I went to one of the local fruit stands to buy several boxes of tomatoes.  Then she spent the day making tomato soup, stewed tomatoes, and today she will be making tomato sauce.  The rest of the family got to let their hair down.  (I am sure that we will see a post by Momzoo on her canning activities shortly.)

Our family discovered a fun game, it started when Momzoo and I were attacked by a bunch of kids while we were laying in bed.  Momzoo I think is getting a little annoyed with it.  At the local elementary school, they play what they call “Boy Disease, and Girl Disease”.  Basically it is a game of tag, where if you are a girl, you can run up to someone and say Girl Touch (or Girl Disease) and then you have this until you are touched by a boy that yells Boy Touch (or Boy Disease).   Because there are only two boys in our house, and one of them is a 3 year old, we spent most of our time yesterday with Girl Disease.  So we modified the rules a little.  The touch only lasts for an hour, and then the effects are gone.

On two occasions, one of the neighborhood boys would come over to play and I would have them hurry up and boy touch me so I could then tag the rest of the family as boys.  I bet the other neighbors got a kick out of watching us all of a sudden break out in a Boy Touch and Girl Touch war.  I would go running out of the house with the girls all in tow.  I would eventually be unable to keep the girl hoard off me, and would get girl touched.

My 10 year would remember exactly when I would revert back after the hour time limit.  When we were out looking for tomatoes, she called Momzoo.  Momzoo just said I will take care of it, then acted like she needed to whisper in my ear.  I thought that she was going to tell me about something that was going on at home, or let me know about some accident that Punk #2 just told her about.  At that point she just said Girl Touch, and kissed me on the cheek.  Punk #2, made sure that Punk #5 was girl touched, and then called to have mom Girl Touch me.

This morning also had a round of Boy and Girl disease, needless to say, by the time I left from work, I had Girl Disease and they were coming up with a plan to get me when I got home.

The highlight of the day was when my 9 year old and I were working on my model train set.  We were creating some trestle for one of the bridges.  I showed her how to finish some of the details on the trestles I had started to make.  When she told me that she liked days when we were all home so she could spend time with her Daddy.  It is times like that when it feels like the universe is in alignment and everything is good.