The Old Man Wept

Momzoo and I for our date night went to Costco in Lehi to pick up some bread.  That was not the only thing we did, but we needed to get some to get us through the weekend.  When we were there we saw a booth for a local company called Cultural Hall home decor.  You can visit their website at:

I found the print called “The Old Man Wept”, and fell in love with it.  As most of you know, I like Benjamin Franklin, and I liked this picture.  I suggest that you check out their exhibit if you live in Utah.  They have a list of Costco locations they will be visiting over the next couple of months on their website.  Most of the pictures are LDS art.  (Momzoo really likes the panoramic picture they have of the Bountiful Temple.)

After doing a little research on this, I found that the painting was first done by Dal Parson.   He tells us more about how he came up with the painting.  You can read more about the painting on his website:

The painting depicts 5 men that were there during the signing of the US Constitution.  The 5 men in the picture are:  James Wilson, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and James Madison.

I would love to find quotes from James Wilson and Roger Sherman for the website that I try to keep up to date.  If you have any quotes from them, please either email me at or leave a comment below.