Wanna be…

I recently had a communication with someone on FaceBook.   This particular person is pushing, or trying to get the community to vote against someone during the election this November.  After pushing for some information and asking for details, this person said the following:

What ever Mike, it’s not all about you. I really could care less about your wanting to hear details, who are you, but a wanna be. get over your self….

Was I just called a “Wanna be”?   A “Wanna be” for what?   And that was when I came to the conclusion that yes, I am a “Wanna Be!”  And I am very proud of being a Wanna Be.  But I am a Wanna Be of action, not a Wanna Be that just sits around and things about what I wanna be with out action.

Yes, I am guilty as charged….  I am a BIG WANNA BE!

I WANNA BE the best husband I can.
I WANNA BE the best father I can.
I WANNA BE a productive member of society.
I WANNA BE an example to the youth.
I WANNA BE a man of Character.
I WANNA BE a statesman.
I WANNA BE a constitutional scholar.
I WANNA BE educated in the classics and philosophy.

The list goes on.   There are a lot of things that I WANNA BE in life, and I will achieve some of them, but will fall short in some of them as well.  But I think the best thing is that I WANNA BE Christlike, and live a Christlike life. 

So yes, I am a big WANNA BE.


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