Everlasing punishment

In the Book of Mormon, there is a King/Prophet named Benjamin, that while serving his people helped them keep peace for a long time.  He is about to die, so he is addressing his people one final time.  I would say that this is the first account of a General Conference in the scriptures.  King Benjamin has everyone gather in family groups around the Temple.  He then builds a tower so that as many people as possible can hear him. (We now use mass media). Then has the words written down so that those who could not hear him can read his words. (The Ensign, and Internet are used now.)  Sounds like what the Church is doing today twice a year.  Gather the saints, give them counsel and doctrine, and then writing it down so people who could not hear can read it.

During his final words, he says this Mosiah 2:31-36:

31 And now, my brethren, I would that ye should do as ye have hitherto done. As ye have kept my commandments, and also the commandments of my father, and have prospered, and have been kept from falling into the hands of your enemies, even so if ye shall keep the commandments of my son, or the commandments of God which shall be delivered unto you by him, ye shall prosper in the land, and your enemies shall have no power over you.

32 But, O my people, beware lest there shall arise contentions among you, and ye list to obey the evil spirit, which was spoken of by my father Mosiah.

33 For behold, there is a wo pronounced upon him who listeth to obey that spirit; for if he listeth to obey him, and remaineth and dieth in his sins, the same drinketh damnation to his own soul; for he receiveth for his wages an everlasting punishment, having transgressed the law of God contrary to his own knowledge.

34 I say unto you, that there are not any among you, except it be your little children that have not been taught concerning these things, but what knoweth that ye are eternally indebted to your heavenly Father, to render to him all that you have and are; and also have been taught concerning the records which contain the prophecies which have been spoken by the holy prophets, even down to the time our father, Lehi, left Jerusalem;

35 And also, all that has been spoken by our fathers until now. And behold, also, they spake that which was commanded them of the Lord; therefore, they are just and true.

36 And now, I say unto you, my brethren, that after ye have known and have been taught all these things, if ye should transgress and go contrary to that which has been spoken, that ye do withdraw yourselves from the Spirit of the Lord, that it may have no place in you to guide you in wisdom’s paths that ye may be blessed, prospered, and preserved—

He makes the point that the keeping the Lords commandments have kept them safe  for generations.  Notice that he also passes the office to someone else and says that by following the next prophet we can also be protected.  Then he points out that if they start to have contentions among themselves that things are going to change.
He also mentions that everyone knows this expect for the little children.  I think that he is implying that we need to keep educating the children, or we will also lose our peaceful state.
I think that this scripture applies to us now.  There has been a lot of contentions among the saints concerning Prop 8, and President Packer’s recent conference talk.   We need to make sure that we do not “list to obey the evil spirit”, and that we teach our children what the prophets have said.  (As a member of the LDS Church, I have sustained President Packer as a Prophet, Seer and Revelator, and have agreed to support him in his calling.  By supporting him, I also agree to follow his warnings and council.)
King Benjamin in those versus then tells us, “ye have known and have been taught all these things, if you should transgress and go contrary to that which has been spoken, you do withdraw yourself from the Spirit of the Lord, that it my have no place in you to guide you in wisdom’s paths that ye may be blessed, prospered, and preserved–”   I think this warning still stands.  If we go contrary to what the prophets have spoken then we lose blessings, the promise of prosperity, and will not be preserved.

NOTE: I just want to make something clear.  I am not saying that homosexuals will get Everlasting punishment.  The people that will get Everlasing punishment are those that fight the council and words of the prophets.  Those that harbor the spirit of contention and cause fighting between the saints of the Church.  That applies to both Heterosexuals and Homosexuals.


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