Month: November 2010

Holy Ghost or Must My Crazy Mind.

I have had several things happen this past week that have made me as the question.  “Was that a prompting from the Holy Ghost, or was that just my crazy mind giving me a suggestion.”   And then the second question that I have had, is “How can I tell the difference?”

Let me tell you the two stories that prompted the question.

On Monday I was given the task of installing a new computer program.  I had the maintenance window scheduled, and had started to do the install.   Things did not go as planned.  During the install the program would …

Our duty to keep and bear arms… – Thoughts by Richard Kohler

A friend of mine prepared these notes, and I wanted to share them.  I was going to post them on, but felt that because of the religious nature of the notes this was a better place to post them.

Feel free to share them…

Title: Notes On: Our duty to keep and bear arms at all times: to defend ourselves, our families, friends; to preserve life and liberty even unto bloodshed.

You can read the notes in PDF for by going to: and reading it from the media library there.…