Things that make me smile….

These days, everyone is talking about the negative in life.  I have a tendency to do that in my blog posts, so this post will be a little different than most of them on my blog.  I am going to not just count my blessings, but I am going to make a list of THINGS that make me smile.  Below is a list of things that make me smile, please feel free to comment and add to this list.  I hope that this list gets you started in thinking about things that make YOU smile.

  • Horses playing in a field.  Seeing horses running around playing in a field on the way home is something that makes me smile every time.
  • Passing a pond that is full of moss and cat tails.   I am always reminded of being a kid and wading through that pond looking for the creatures that live in ponds.  Frogs, Salamanders, and tadpoles all make me smile.
  • The restless kid in a check out line.  When I see a little kid grab a candy bar and ask Dad if they can get it, or the kid that kneels down next to the gum to get a better look, I smile.
  • Walking in the house, and having one of my kids drop what they are doing, walk up to me, give me a hug, and then go back to playing.
  • When a kid looks at you, when you walk in their room at night, smiles, and then rolls over because they feel like everything is alright because Daddy is there.
  • The look in my kids eye when they “Get It”.  When that math problem becomes clear, they understand what they are reading, or they just gain some knowledge they have struggled with.
  • When one of my kids get one of my corny jokes, and gives me the look that says…  “Dad, that was really stupid…”
  • Hearing or seeing my kids joke around with each other and both of them are laughing.
  • Momzoo working on a project with a content look on her face.

There are a lot more things that make me smile, but here is a starters list.  Now it is time to make your list, post it on Facebook, your Blog, or just leave it here as a comment.