Momzoo – Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is Momzoo’s birthday (4/27).  I wanted to be the first to do a virtual happy birthday, so here it is.

Momzoo is a country girl at heart.  She would like a big plot of land and a few farm animals.  Because she married a computer geek, that dream is hard to make a reality.  My skills require me to work for a bigger company.   This makes it so that we have to stay close to large populations centers.  We have looked at land in OK, and some other southern states.  There are some states that still have large amounts of land, for cheap, within a 30-45 minute drive of a big city.   Maybe in a few years I can make her dream come true, but for now, she just likes looking and dreaming.

Here are some pictures of some places she has seen recently that she has said that she likes.   Happy Birthday Momzoo, and I hope that eventually we can make your dream come true.

The top few were taken from Pioneer Crossing in American Fork, Lehi and Saratoga Springs Utah.    The last one is what I see when I leave my place of work during this time of year.  I just had to add this picture because I liked it.

Here is some music to listen to while you look at the pictures… This is one of Momzoo’s favorite songs. Merle Haggard — Okie From Muskogee