Birds know best.

Do the birds know something that we don’t?   You have always heard that animals know about natural disasters before they happen.   The animals leave the forest before the fire.   Animals act weird before earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters.

This has me thinking…   I have seen some weird behavior from birds in the last couple of months. 

1- There are a bunch of birds-of-prey that are just sitting on the ground in a field by our house.  These birds have been sitting on the ground in a cut field for a month now.  The other day we counted over a dozen of them.  They were just sitting on the dirt, or on the sprinkler system.   They would occasionally fly around, but the majority of the time they have just been sitting there.  They are not in tall trees like you would think they would be, but just sitting on the ground.  This seems kinda weird to me.

2- There have been a large flock of pelicans that have been just sitting in a small pond in one of the marsh lands by the new pioneer crossing.   I don’t know if they have been there before, because I have not been able to see this pond until they build pioneer crossing.  But from what I have read, pelicans move from lake to lake in a regular pattern.  These ones have been sitting here for weeks now.  I don’t think that there would be enough fish to keep them feed for that long of a time.  It is a pretty large flock.

3- Yesterday I was sitting in my car reading in the parking lot.  And this little yellow bird kept pecking at the windshield.  it would then land on the side window and then jump on the mirror.  It did this maybe a hundred times.  Even turning the car on, and using the wiper blades did not stop it form doing it.  It would fly away for maybe 30 seconds and then come back.   It did this during my entire lunch break.

Yellow Bird

Little Yellow Crazy Bird

I just find these things strange.  I have not observed this behavior before with these type of birds.  Maybe it is normal, maybe it is not.  But there have been a lot of weird animal related news lately as well.

Officials probe ‘unusual’ mass deaths of birds in two states (CNN – 1/4/2011)