Month: August 2011

Election TIME!!!! – Saratoga Springs Utah

Well, if you live in Saratoga Springs, you have started to see the Election signs.   This year there are three City Council seats up for election.  And there are currently 10 City Council Candidates that have put their names in the hat to have the chance to represent the people of Saratoga Springs Utah and make Ordinances and Resolutions for the City.

This is not just your standard City Council election.  During this election their are 3 of the 5 City Council seats up for election.  That means that we will be voting in a majority to the City …

Property Tax – The skinny of it.

Saratoga Springs 84045 Property Taxes

With the City Council election coming up, I sent out a survey to all of the candidates to see where they stand and why they are running for office.   In the questionnaire, I had the following question:

The current status of the economy will most likely shrink the income the city takes in.  Property values are going down, which lowers property tax revenue.  People have less disposable income, which lowers sales tax revenue.  If the budget runs into a shortfall, what do you see as the most viable way to make up the difference?

One of the candidates for City …