Election TIME!!!! – Saratoga Springs Utah

Well, if you live in Saratoga Springs, you have started to see the Election signs.   This year there are three City Council seats up for election.  And there are currently 10 City Council Candidates that have put their names in the hat to have the chance to represent the people of Saratoga Springs Utah and make Ordinances and Resolutions for the City.

This is not just your standard City Council election.  During this election their are 3 of the 5 City Council seats up for election.  That means that we will be voting in a majority to the City Council this election cycle.  (The Mayors vote only is used to break a tie, if one of the Council members abstains or is unable to vote.)

So, on to my soap box…  It is very important that EVERYONE that can vote gets to know each of the Candidates and asks them questions.  You need to get educated on their views and stands.  If you don’t ask questions, chances are, you will vote for someone who does not have the same views and ideals as you do.

To help with this process, and because I myself wanted to get some answers, I have sent each of the 10 candidates a set of questions.  You can see the list of questions by going to this site: http://www.vote84045.com/2011/08/candidate-questionaire/

During the process of the next couple of weeks, I will be posting the answers to the questions on the www.vote84045.com website.   If you want to follow the questions and see the answers from the candiates, you can check the following URL: http://www.vote84045.com/category/2011-candidate-questions/

All of the questions will be tagged with the same category, so you can see the answers by going to the url listed above.

I encourage every one that wants to make a change to read the answers, and then contact the candidates with follow up questions, or leave comments, etc on the www.vote84045.com website.

Don’t go blindly to the polls.  Get to know the people you are going to vote for, and make sure that they have the same goals/values/vision for the City that you do.