DOGS – The Real Problem in Saratoga Springs.

The current election is not the problem, the budget is not the problem, and the Police Department is not the problem.   DOGS – are real problem in Saratoga Springs. In 2010 there were 33 deaths caused by dog attacks in the US. Since 1988 there have been 187 deaths caused by Dogs in the United States. 105 of those deaths were to children under the age of 11. [Source] People think that dogs are cute, and are a man’s best friend. But the statistics don’t lie, a dog can kill you just like a gun can kill you.  Recently in SLC, two pit-bulls attacked a man and his 6 year-old grandson. You can read the entire report on “Pit bulls attack grandfather and his grandson.”  These two dogs have changed the lives of several families.

I have a neighbor that has two large dogs. These dogs are nothing but a problem for me and my family. The neighbor’s dog run is right up against my property line, the same side of the house that my bedroom window is on. During hot summer days, I can’t open my window because of the smell. And if we turn our light on in our bedroom or make any type of noise, the dogs will then bark for hours. I don’t which is worse, the dogs barking or the neighbor yelling out his window to get them to shut up.

When the dogs do get out, they tear up my yard, and somehow they always seem to be able to use my lawn as a toilet. I have yet to of figured this one out, but every time I mow my lawn, I always have to check for dog droppings or I get it all over me when I hit it with the lawn mower. And you should see the nice yellow spots I have on my lawn on that side of the house.

I think that the City of Saratoga Springs should come up with rules and regulations to make it so that I don’t have to deal with my neighbor’s dog. Did you know that there are currently NO limits on where you can put your dog run? You can put the dog run right next to your house, or right next to your neighbor’s property line. You can also make the dog run as big as you want, and out of whatever material you want to make it out of.

I think that the City should pass an ordinance that requires the home owner to put the dog run 15 feet from any property line, 6 feet away from any house or building, and should be enclosed in a backyard that is completely fenced in. I also think that the property owner should have to register their dog with the city and pay a yearly registration fee. They should also have the
dog treated yearly for diseases and prove to the City that has been done. I also think that the City should have the right to enter the property owners yard at any time to verify that they are in compliance with the new ordinance. And if the City is not willing to do that, then they should pass an Ordinance that bans dogs altogether.

Now I know what you are saying now. If I want to have a Dog, I should be able to do it like I want. I should be able to do whatever I want with my property, and that my Dog should be no business of the City. But I say you are incorrect, it is proven (and  documented) that people are killed by Dogs, and therefore they should be banned, or heavily regulated.

I don’t really have a problem with dogs, and I think that land owners should be able to have them as long as they are curtious to their neighbors. And I don’t have a neighbor that has done the things above (but I do have some neighbors that do).

The point I am making is this. Dogs have been proven to kill people, but there is little to no regulations on them. They can and do lower the property values of the neighbors that live next to them, they cause problems with smell, and noise. But people would say that the City has no right trying to eliminate these problems.  But there are those that think that they do have that right when it comes to people wanting to raise chickens in their backyard.  The City is even thinking about an ordinance that requires all of the things I mentioned above for Chicken owners.  Even though it cannot be proven that a chicken in someone’s backyard has ever caused the death of a person. When is the last time you have heard, “Killed by her own chicken in her own backyard.” “Killed by her neighbor’s two chickens in their backyard, the chickens also attacked her grandmother. A neighbor reported that the chickens had been abused by their owner.” “Killed by her neighbor’s two chickens in her own backyard. The chickens also attacked their owner when he tried to come to her aid.” “Killed by family’s chicken.” “Killed by family’s two chickens.” “Killed by four chickens when she was walking in her neighborhood.” “Killed by family’s chicken while playing with brothers in a bedroom.” “Mauled by neighbors’ two chickens while walking on his property.” But in 2010 from Jan – June, these have been the summaries for Dog deaths in the US. I just replace the word dog with chicken in each quote.

The city should worry more about other issues then try to regulate how home owners use their land when it comes to these dangerous and deadly chickens in their backyards.

NOTE:  This is satire, I like dogs, but don’t own one.  I don’t have a neighbor with a dog problem, but the death statistics are not fictional.  Dogs do kill, and they kill a lot more people than chickens ever will.


  1. I really do believe in RESPONSIBLE pet ownership. And I am all for whatever kind of pet you want as long as you take care of it. And I agree that maybe there at least needs to a record of the pets a household has. But I think you’re being a bit rash on dogs. Most of the time dogs are what their owners make of them. They often bite because their owners treat them bad or neglect them. But I have to put in my two cents because I love dogs. (and chickens, cats, bunnies, pigs, goats, and etc… excluding spiders.)

  2. Mike Gast on Facebook left the following comment:

    dislike. Very poor writing. There are 78.2 million dogs in america. That makes your deaths statistic equal to .0000007 % of the dog population in america. Your article is irrelevant and way off base. Stating that you cannot stand the smell …of the dog run gives point to the opposition’s stance on chickens. People say they will complain for the exact same reasons. Chicken feces kills people at about the same rate as your dog statistic. Shame the internet gives everyone a voice there is no filter.

  3. While I don’t agree with more regulation (A good talking to will usually do the trick), The numbers are so insignificant that I don’t think it should matter at all. However dadzoo, you can also move your hind parts to China they have no shame and excellent filters. Iran and Iraq and a few others also have very good filters. Lastly did someone make you read this? you can always click here. they have very good filters.

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