iPhone – Come on Apple.

So I finally was forced to have to get a smart phone.  I had avoided having email on my phone for the last 3 1/2 years.  But work now thinks that their Exchange Systems Admin should have constant email ability.  So I looked around, asked friends and family, and purchased the iPhone.

Over all, I like it.  But there are a couple of things that my dumb phone did a lot better than this new and improved $600 piece of technology can do.

First, what was APPLE thinking?  Really, unless you jailbreak your phone, you can’t change any of the default tones except for the ring tone.    On my dumb phone, I was able to select a lot of different tones, or sounds for things like new text message, new voice mail, missed call, etc.   But with this new iPhone, all I can do is turn the sound on or off.  Yes, I can change it, if I want to jailbreak the phone and then connect to it via SSH and upload new files and then rename them.    Really, how hard would it be to actually add this functionality to the iPhone?   My dumb phone was doing it 4 years ago.

Second, iTunes…  All I can say is URGHHHHHHHH.   If you want to do anything on the phone.  Upload apps from your PC, upload new Photos to your phone (for wallpapers), upload music, etc…  You have to connect to iTunes.  And I have yet to of talked to anyone who thinks that iTunes is a quick, program to use.  Why not just make it so that when I connect to the phone, I have access to the file system, so I can then drag and drop programs, pictures, music, etc like you can do on most dumb phones?

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone does some pretty cool stuff.  The apps are really cool.  I have been able to get reviews on books by just scanning the bar code.  Deposit checks without going to the bank.   Scan bar codes and have it play videos and open websites.

But I can’t believe I have to use iTunes for everything, and if you are in a room of people with iPhones, and someone gets a text message, everyone thinks it is their phone.