Month: October 2011

What I have learned as my hair gets grayer.

I am now 41 years old, and my hair has become mostly gray.   I have also been married for almost 14 years (in March) to a very loving and patient wife (momzoo).  During the course of 13 years of marriage, and 41 years of time, there are a few things I have learned and have picked up.  (And at times, I need to sit down and remind myself of them.)

These are just some random thoughts that I have had in the last little while.


Family IS the greatest source of Joy.   There is nothing more powerful then a …

Right Lane Philosopy – Repost

NOTE: this was originally posted on Jan 15, 2010.  But because of some recent events, I needed to remind myself of it.  So I am reposting it.


A friend and I were talking the other day.  I was discussing how when I get home I am usually upset and tense.  It was leading to anger issues when I got home from work.  The friend gave me a suggestion.  He said that I should drive in the right lane, and go about 5 miles per hour slower than I usually did, and listen to some music that I really like.  …

2011 City Countil Election – Who I will be voting for.

I have been asked by several people who I plan on voting for in the Saratoga Springs City Council election in November 2011.   I have had interactions with the candidates that have made it past the Primary Election, because of my candidate question survey and other interactions for, I have communicated with them via email and other media forms.

I have to admit, my voting has changed from the primary to the general election.  So far it has been a pretty rough ride.  I don’t know how the canidates do it.   It is not something I will be doing …