2011 City Countil Election – Who I will be voting for.

I have been asked by several people who I plan on voting for in the Saratoga Springs City Council election in November 2011.   I have had interactions with the candidates that have made it past the Primary Election, because of my candidate question survey and other interactions for vote84045.com, I have communicated with them via email and other media forms.

I have to admit, my voting has changed from the primary to the general election.  So far it has been a pretty rough ride.  I don’t know how the canidates do it.   It is not something I will be doing anytime soon.   It can get pretty nasty even if you aren’t running.  (I will save that for a blog post for a later date.)

At this point I am going to vote for and support the following candidates:  Stephen WilldenShellie Baertsch, and Rebecca Call (in no particular order).   I am going to give the reasons for each below.

Before I get into the reasons for each of the candidates that I support, I want to make some general statements about my voting reasons in general.  I believe that the City Council position should be held by someone that knows how the City works, has been active in building the City, has a positive attitude towards the City, and is willing to stand firm in their beliefs.   There are a lot of ways to show your support for the City, but one of the biggest is with your time.  Time is a resource that everyone has the same amount of, and is something that everyone can give.  How someone spends their time tells you a lot about that person and what their priorities are.   I also believe that the City Council needs to have members that see Saratoga Springs for what it is,  a growing City that its residents should be proud of.    I also think that it is important for someone to be able to overlook differences and still work with people that they may not agree with.   I think that these three candidates have done just that.

I support Stephen Willden for Saratoga Springs City Council, because I see him as a man that will stand behind what he believes.  During the last month I have been able to see him take a stand and hold firm for what he believes.   Stephen saw something that he felt was incorrect, he then took a stand, and was willing accept the results.   I have asked Stephen several questions about how the City Finances work, and about City Budget policy.   He is willing to answer my questions, and is not affraid to ask others for the answers if he does not know them.   He is currently serving on the Citizen Finance Committee, as the Vice-Chair, and has and continues to show his resolve to help the City grown.   Because of his financial background, I see him as a good City Council member to have in office during the Country’s current economic crisis.  Stephen Willden has my vote in November for Saratoga Springs City Council.

I support Shellie Baertsch for Saratoga Springs City Council.   Shellie has shown that she is willing to give of her time for the City.  She has volunteered at the City Library, and worked with the Civic Events committee.  Shellie also believes that City Government should communicate more with the residents.  Shellie is always willing to answer questions, and believes that City Government should be more open by providing the information to the residents they need to make educated choices.  She has shown this desire by communicating the events at recent City Council Members.  Shellie also has a good track record with attending City Council meetings without holding an office.  She really does care what happens in the City, and is willing to become informed and to inform other residents.

I support Rebecca Call for Saratoga Springs City Council.   Of all of the non-incumbent Candidates, I think that she knows what is going on in the City more than the others.  Because of Rebecca’s involvement with several local newspapers, she has been to almost every City Council meeting during the last three years.  Rebecca understands the issues involved in the city.  Rebecca also has been invovled in working with the city to get local parks and green space developed.   I believe that Rebecca understands the City, and has the information needed to help the city move forward with its growth and development over the next 4 years.

I believe the Stephen, Rebecca, and Shellie are the best choices for the three Saratoga Springs City Council seats that are now up for election.  They all three have shown that they are willing to give of their time and talents to help the City grow and develop into the City it has the ability to become.  I support them, and hope to see them serve as elected officials for the next 4 years.  They have the abilities, education, and experience to continue moving the City in the direction it needs to go.


  1. I won’t be voting for either Shellie Baertsch or Rebecca Call because both have appeared recently at the planning commission meetings VERY opposed to having chickens. A no vote for self sufficiency is a no vote from me.

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