AU – Grace Hotel

Here is the view from my room window at the Grace Hotel in Sydney Australia.   You can find more photos of my trip to Australia by looking at the Australia Category.   The grace hotel was originally built by the Grace Bros retail empire in teh 1920’s.  It is one of Sydny’s prominent examples of pre-war (WWII) architecture.  For more information on the Hotel, which I recommend if you need to stay in downtown Sydney, visit their website:   If I ever make it back to Sydney, I will be staying here again.

Personal Note:   The electricity in the room (lights and AC) can only be running if you put your room key card in a slot by the door.  So if you are out of your hotel room on a hot day, close the blinds, it will make the room more bearable until you can get the AC to cool off the room.   The rooms are nice, they have safes for your passport, etc when you are out and about.