Month: December 2011

Natural Child Birth – Husband/Father perspective

I have seen the birth of 6 children (with another on the way).  The first 5 children were done with medical help and intervention.  They included an epidural and were induced.   Momzoo wanted to do what people refer to as a natural childbirth.  By natural child birth we at this point are talking about no epidural, and letting the labor and delivery progress on their own.  Momzoo did just that.  In July of 2011 we had our 6th child.  She was born without an epidural, as well as no medical help to induce labor.  Momzoo writes about it on her …

SD – Mount Rushmore

As a family, in November 2011, we went to Mount Rushmore.  Here are some of the pictures we took when we went.

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Traditions of their fathers.

Book of Mormon and other scriptures prophets always warn and talk about the “traditions of their fathers“.   Momzoo and I have been thinking a lot about Christmas Traditions, and other holiday traditions that have been part of our childhood and part of the popular culture.

Some of the scriptures talk about how people that fall in unbelief and move away from the traditions of their fathers, but then other scriptures talk about how people are in unbelief because of the incorrect traditions of their fathers.   The later is the topic of this post.   And when I say “traditions of their …

How Would Jesus Drive?

If you drive around Utah much, you will see CTR (Choose the Right) and “What Would Jesus Do?” billboards, bumper stickers, and license plates. It is a pretty common thing to see, but I think that it is not as common to see in practice. There is a gospel country group called Joshua Creek that takes the saying one more step. They have a song called, “What Kinda Car?“.   The car says the Jesus would drive a Pick-up truck.  And then gives the reasons why he would drive a Pick-up.

Driving into work today, I put the two ideas together.   …