How Would Jesus Drive?

If you drive around Utah much, you will see CTR (Choose the Right) and “What Would Jesus Do?” billboards, bumper stickers, and license plates. It is a pretty common thing to see, but I think that it is not as common to see in practice. There is a gospel country group called Joshua Creek that takes the saying one more step. They have a song called, “What Kinda Car?“.   The car says the Jesus would drive a Pick-up truck.  And then gives the reasons why he would drive a Pick-up.

Driving into work today, I put the two ideas together.   “What Would Jesus Do?” and “What Kinda Car?” merged in my mind to come up with the idea “How Would Jesus Drive?”   This thought started me down a road of thought that I have traveled down before.   I have posted several times about what I call “Right Lane Driving“.    Basically the Right Lane is the slow lane, so by driving in the right lane you allow your life to slow down and to take in the moment (another blog post).

I ask you to just take a minute and think about, “How Would Jesus Drive?”.   We are suppose to try to emulate the Saviour in everything we do.  We are suppose to be working to be more like him each day.   How would he treat the drivers we meet on the road during our daily activities?   Would he let the person in, or would he speed up and block their move?  Would he use a turn signal, or would he push his way without warning into other lanes?  Would he constantly switch lanes, or would he go with the flow?  Would he slow down so someone could merge, or would he pay no attention to them?

I have also heard that the true test of a man is what he does in private, when he thinks no one is looking.  But I also think that a true test of someones character is how they act and treat a complete stranger.  How do you treat the guy in the car next to you?   You will probably never see him again.   You don’t know him from Adam.   There will be no consequence, because you don’t know him, and he does not know you.   Most drivers are trying to get to from point A to point B.  They don’t always think of what they do in the process to get there, or who/what they impact getting there.

Next time you are in a car driving, stop and look around.  Instead of just wondering how you can get to point B, think about how you can help make someone else’s trip a little easier.

After all, isn’t being a Christian suppose to include becoming more like Christ?  If anything, lets remember the Golden Rule when we are driving.