Love – Dead?

Yesterday, on Valentines Day, I was sitting in the drive thru of a fast food chain, getting my $2.14 worth of lunch.  While I was sitting there, I noticed a scene that made me think.   As I was waiting, an elderly couple left the store.  She was walking slowly with the help of one of those four footed canes.   He was shuffling behind her, and the same slow pace.  They then went to their car and she waited a couple of seconds by the curb as he walked pass her and slowly climbed down from the curb.  Then he went over and opened the door for her.   She got in the car, and he slowly walked around the car, got inside and they drove off.

I had a couple of thoughts cross my mind watching this scene.  The first one was, it made me sad.  The reason it made me sad was because our society has lost so much with this progressive push we have been wrapped up in.   We no longer see someone getting the door for a lady as a common thing.  It is more of the exception to the rule now.  I am bad at this, I don’t get the door for MomZoo very often, so I think that is also a reason why it made me sad.

Since it was Valentines Day, I then started to think about the Love aspect of what this elderly man did.  It was obvious that it was difficult for him to go down the curb, and to have to walk around the car to open her door.  You could see that his body was not liking what he was making it do.  But he pushed pass the pain, and did it anyway.  Because he Loved his wife.  Have we gotten so tied up in ourselves that we have forgotten to love?  Is love dead?

I thought about that for a while, and came to the conclusion that No, love is not dead, but we all are at different levels of love.  That couple has probably been married for longer than I have been alive.  That love has developed over time, and he is probably at the point in his life that his love for her has grown pass the love he has for himself.   He has lost his selfishness in love.

I then was lost in thought again, and the question I asked myself is this.   Do I love Aimee more or less than when we got married, because when we dated, I opened the doors for her all the time.   What has changed?   I don’t have an answer for that, but I can tell you that I will be getting the door for her more often.  And I will make sure that Tom gets the door for his sisters and Aimee as well.

One of the biggest things we can give to show love is ourselves.  Our time, our talents are all resources that we have that we can give to others to show love.  Little things like opening doors are a way for us to give of our time and talents to make someone else’s life easier.  By giving up those things, we show the we love the person we are serving.

Love is not Dead, but I think that if more people showed Love to one another that most of the worlds problems would solve themselves.  Love is one of the answers.  I think that is why Christ taught that we should Love One Another.  If we loose ourselves in Love, then the world around us will become a better place.