The Liberal Bard

The lights dim…  The Liberal Bard starts his poem as music plays softly in the background at the local coffee shop.   The conversations turn to quiet whispers.

“The 1% has dimmed the whiteness of the polar bears fur.”

“The Earth moans as the industrial engine scars its surface for money making resources.”

“The 99% cry as the ice sheet melts, and the 1% closes its ears.”

“The tree crys in pain as the corporate lumberjack mars its bark with its cold steel.”

“The rain forest dies as big pharmaceutical probes its secrets.”

“The beach sand is drenched black as the 1% counts its profit.”

The Liberal Bard takes a bow and slowly returns to his seat.   He continues to drink his coffee [SBUX  $743.40 Million, 149,000 Employees] out of an environmentally friendly cup [IP $437.07 Million, 61,000 Employees].   After a few more drinks he leaves the coffee shop and heads out into the Global Warming caused cold wave.   He then climbs into his Toyota Prius [TM $1.57 Billion, 324,747 Employees].    He then plugs his iPhone [AAPL $923.37 Million, 60,400 Employees] into his new Sony car stereo system [SNE $1 Billion, 168,200 Employees] and listens to his favorite music.

Returning home, he unlocks his doors [IR $312.18 Million, 59,000 Employees].  He turns up the thermostat and enjoys the warm air it starts to produce [IR $312.18 Million, 59,000 Employees].  Sits down on his couch and watches his new plasma screen tv [PC $2.31 Billion, 384,028 Employees].  He turns on a reading light [GE $10.56 Billion, 300,000 Employees] and picks up the latest Time Magazine [TWX $974.00 Million, 31,000 Employees] from his coffee table.  And smiles as he reads the Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, “The Protester” article, for the fith time.  Then watches his favorite Michael Moore movie on Netflix [NFLX $55.42 Million, 2,348 Employees].

He thinks to himself, I will NEVER help out the 1%, it is all about profit.