14 Years

14 years today Aimee (momzoo) and I got married.  Over the 14 years I have been able to get to know this women of character and strength.  The one thing that I love about her the most is her willingness to follow the plan that our Heavenly Father has set for his daughters.   She understands that role, and is willing to put aside herself to follow that role.  She is a very passionate Wife, Mother, and Daughter of God.

During the past 14 years, she has put aside her needs to follow her Godly nature.   It has not been easy to do, there have been a lot of pressures from the World.  She has not done the popular thing, but she has done the right thing.  And I know that she would tell you that she would do it all over again.  She understands that the true joy in life comes from help and serving others.  And she is an example to everyone.

During the past 14 years, she has done some amazing things, here is a list of just a few of them.

  • She has been pregnant for 5 1/4 years.
  • She has been beast feeding for at least 6 years.
  • She has changed over 11 THOUSAND diapers.
  • She has put up with hundreds of her husbands hobbies (army models, miniature trains, scorpions, countless websites).
  • She has spent hundreds of sleepless nights taking care of sick and/or ornery kids.
  • She has cleaned up hundreds of messes that would be considered toxic.
  • She has prepared over 5,000 dinners.
  • Listened to endless political rants from her husband.
  • Wiped thousands of runny noses.
  • Loaded the dishwasher thousands of times.
  • Made beds thousands of times.
  • And cleaned house endlessly for the last 14 years.

Aimee is an amazing woman, and I try daily to be worthy of her love and service.  And because of that, she has heard kids say they love her thousands of times.  Been there to see them grow, experience life, and develop to be better.  Because of her the next generation of Kieffers will be ready to productively add to society.

Here is to growing old with Aimee, I am glad that she is willing to spend eternity with me, and I will do my best to be as good at it as she currently is.  Aimee, I LOVE you and am honored to be your husband.  You are an example to me and to everyone that knows you.  Life would be nothing without your Love and influence in my life.