Cleansing Fire


The other day in sacrament meeting one of the youth speakers talked about having the Holy Ghost cleanse your should by Fire.   I thought the idea of having the Holy Ghost actually burn your sins and desire to sin from you as very interesting.  So I figured I would research it some more.

John the Baptist in Judea said:

I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire” (Matt. 3:11).

In the scriptures there is a lot of talk about Baptism by Fire, which is done by the Holy Ghost.    There is a good article written by Elder Loren C. Dunn for the June 1995 Ensign that is titled “Fire and the Holy Ghost“.     Elder Dunn states:

The use of the word fire suggests that those who receive this gift with the right heart can expect something more than mere acceptance of certain principles or even baptism by immersion. The use of this expression elsewhere in scripture bears this out….

The new convert who has accepted the gift of the Holy Ghost with the right spirit will experience not only a cleansing but a feeling that will give him a new heart and make of him a new person. Sometimes this is immediate, and sometimes it happens over a period of time. But always there is a change for the better. For the longer-standing member of the Church who has become preoccupied with the world or in little ways has allowed his religious life to be more procedural than of the spirit, there is something to be rediscovered (and for some, discovered for the first time) with the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost.

Bruce R. McConkie in a speech called “The Seven Deadly Heresies” given at BYU on June 1st, 1980 talks about the three GREATEST truths know to man.  The first is “that there is a God in heaven”.  The second is “Christ worked out an infinite and internal atoning sacrifice”.   He then talks about the third truth.

The third greatest truth known to mankind is that the Holy Spirit of God is a revelator and a sanctifier, that he is a personage of spirit, that his assigned ministry and work in the eternal Godhead is to bear record of the Father and of the Son, to reveal them and their truths to men. His work is to cleanse and perfect human souls, to burn dross and evil out of human souls as though by fire. We call that the baptism of fire.

Makes you think if you have had the wildfire of the Holy Ghost cleanse and perfect your soul.

Christ in Matthew 13 gives several parables.  In several of these parables he talks about seeds and how they can be the word of God and depending on our soul, they can either grow or wither.

If the word of God can be considered a seed, I guess we could also say that evil or untrue things can also be considered seeds.  If those seeds are allowed to grow, then they have the ability to rob the Word of God of what it needs to grow.   They either remove the soil of water and other nutrients, or they block out the sunlight so other plants cannot grow.

Sometimes we let the evil seeds grow.  I think that sometimes these seeds will even land on the Barren soil, but we will keep bringing them water and the other things they need to grow.   I know of a few things that I have let grow on barren soil, and that I have wasted energies and resources to keep alive.  Pride, Jealousy and Envy are a couple of the ones I can think of.   Do we let those growing plants shade, and steal what is need for the good plants to grow.  Do we let other plants wither and kill, Love, Kindness and Charity.   I think that sometimes we also just pull up the growing good seed before it has a chance to mature.

I think that sometimes we need the wildfire of the Holy Ghost to burn away all of the bad seeds that we let grow over the course of a week.  If we let the bad seeds grow enough, then the wildfire can be a very painful cleansing experience.   But if we let the Holy Ghost burn the dead undergrowth, and weed grasses down, it can be a very refreshing and painless process.  I think that if we are in the right frame of mind during sacrament meeting, we can have the Holy Ghost burn the bad seeds we have planted during the week.

This is a subject that I want to research more.   If any of you have suggestions, comments, etc, please post them.  I would like to hear what other people have to say about this topic.