Jump the LINE!

Have you ever noticed how a lot of things that would be socially unacceptable become common place or acceptable when you are in a car?

Let me give you an example.  Lets say you are in line to get into a movie theater, ride at an amusement park, or the grocery store.   Now lets say that the line is backed up and you know that you will be queued in line for several minutes at least.

Then some guy or family comes from the back of the line, walks up the side of every one that is in line, and then just before the entrance, he pushes his way into line and basically cuts off everyone else in line.   Do you think people would let that happen?

But then, you are waiting in line on the freeway to get off the off ramp, or to get on the on ramp, and someone does the exact same thing.   Why is one of them acceptable and the other one not?

Why do you think people in their car will pull of this maneuver, but would not dare to do it outside of their car?   I have my opinion on the subject, but would like to hear yours.