Month: July 2012

Just Fishin….

Last weekend, Chadd (Momzoo’s brother), Erin (Chadd’s new wife), and I took Punk #5, the only boy fishing.  It was funny, because I fixed his line, put his line in the water and he would have nothing to do with it.  Instead, you found a stick and started playing with it.  Then he asked me for some fishline, then asked for a hook.  Well, he then had me tie the fishline and hook to the stick.  He then kept putting it in the water saying he was going to catch the little guppies (minnows) he could see near …

Utah #1 – Top 20 see red.

Utah sees RED.  There are a lot of reasons why Utah is considered RED, it hosts the Running Utes (school color is Red), the Bountiful Braves (school color is also Red).  But it also is the most RED state in the union because of its high concentration of Republican votes.

But Forbes has given it a #1 rating as the BEST state in the USA for Business.  YEAH for Utah.  That made me start to think.  Lets see what other RED (republican leaning) states are on the top 20 of the list. (You can view the full list here: …

Weapons of their rebellion.

I have posted before about the Traditions of Fathers in several posts: Traditions of their fathers. and Iniquity of their fathers.  I would like to continue this discussion a little, and then add an additional thought to it as well.   In Sunday School, the lesson was on Alma 23-29 (Lesson 26: Converted unto the Lord).

The teacher forwarded me some material that she wanted me to discuss with the class.  In that material, it included this quote by Spencer W. Kimball.

Down in New Zealand, I was the recipient of many courtesies while there. They sang and danced and rolled