Utah #1 – Top 20 see red.

Utah sees RED.  There are a lot of reasons why Utah is considered RED, it hosts the Running Utes (school color is Red), the Bountiful Braves (school color is also Red).  But it also is the most RED state in the union because of its high concentration of Republican votes.

But Forbes has given it a #1 rating as the BEST state in the USA for Business.  YEAH for Utah.  That made me start to think.  Lets see what other RED (republican leaning) states are on the top 20 of the list. (You can view the full list here: http://www.forbes.com/special-report/2011/best-states-11_land.html )

  1. Utah
  2. Virginia
  3. North Carolina
  4. North Dakota
  5. Colorado
  6. Texas
  7. Washington
  8. Nebraska
  9. Oregon
  10. Iowa
  11. Georgia
  12. Kansas
  13. Oklahoma
  14. Wyoming
  15. Minnesota
  16. Idaho
  17. South Dakota
  18. Massachusetts
  19. Maryland
  20. Arizona

Now, lets look at what the colors each of these states are of the TOP 20, 12 of them are Republican states, 1 is mixed and 6 are Democrat states.

Now, I will let you draw your own conclusion, but if you ask me.  It looks like a RED or republican state has a better chance of being the best for business than a BLUE or democrat state.  Notice that the top 4 are ALL red states.


Three cheers for business and the Red states that make it happen.

It is also interesting to note that the bottom 4 states (Michigan, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Maine) are all BLUE states.  Go Democrats.