Month: November 2012

The Constitution: A Heavenly Banner

I have recently been reading a  book entitled, “The Constitution: A Heavenly Banner“.  This book is a collection of Constitutional relates speeches by Ezra Taft Benson, David O. McKay, J. Reuben Clark, Jr. and Bruce R. McConkie.

The book gets its name from a speech by Ezra Taft Benson given at the Marriot Center at Brigham Young University on September 16, 1986.  I would like to talk about this speech, and give what I feel are the bullet points or highlights of the speech.  You can get a copy of the speech in HTML, or MP3 format by following …

All is well in Zion… Stop being a pessimist.

Nephi’s Broken Bow by Jeremy Winborg

ONE of the principles that is taught in the Book of Mormon, and in modern teachings is that of,  “liken all scriptures unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning.” (1 Nephi 19:23).   Ezra Taft Benson in April of 1984 tells us to:  “We urge you to study the Book of Mormon as individuals and families and then to do as the prophet Nephi counseled: liken the scriptures to yourselves so that it will be for your profit and learning.”

To liken the scriptures to yourself is to compare them to

Alvin Kieffer – Lt. Col. US Air Force

This is a tribute to my Grandpa Kieffer.  This is taken from “The Life History of Maxine Englestead Kieffer” written by his wife Maxine in July 1956.

“I met Alvin Kieffer there (Salt Lake City) the day i arrived on September 12, 1940, and we were married on October 12, 1940 at Evanston, WY.  he was a Sargent in the Army Air Forces.”

“Alvin joined the Church on February 6, 1941.  I was so thrilled that he could see how much my religion meant to me.  He went to church with me and decided it was (the) true church, so

Karl Englestead – History by Ellen Maria Owens Englestead

This is another tribute to one of my ancestors that fought in a foreign war.  This was written by his mother, Ellen Maria Ownes Englestead.

While attending school there (Arizona State Teachers College, on a scholarship) he joined the National Guards to help pay for his schooling.  The National Guards were the first to be called into training and were sent to Louisiana for three weeks.

He came home for a while on September 15,1940.  he was inducted and sent to For. Sill, Oklahoma for a years training.  During this time a change was made in the service requirements and

Max Englestead – History written by twin sister Maxine 3-6-1981

This is a written history for M. Max Englestead, written by his twin sister, Maxine E. Kieffer on March 6,1981.  Maxine is my Grandmother.

I will try to remember things about Max when we were children.

Max was born on April 13, 1920, being a twin to Maxine.  Maxine was born 15 minutes earlier than max.  We were born at home, as we didn’t have a hospital in the small town.  We had a small home.

His parents were Marion Henry Englestead and Ellen Marie (known as Nellie) Ownes Englestead. We were born at Panguitch, Garfield County, Utah, him being