Alvin Kieffer – Lt. Col. US Air Force

This is a tribute to my Grandpa Kieffer.  This is taken from “The Life History of Maxine Englestead Kieffer” written by his wife Maxine in July 1956.

“I met Alvin Kieffer there (Salt Lake City) the day i arrived on September 12, 1940, and we were married on October 12, 1940 at Evanston, WY.  he was a Sargent in the Army Air Forces.”

“Alvin joined the Church on February 6, 1941.  I was so thrilled that he could see how much my religion meant to me.  He went to church with me and decided it was (the) true church, so he joined.”

“We were sent to Boise, Idaho in May 1941.  we lived there until February 1942 when he was sent to Pendleton, Oregon and I went to Panguitch, as the war had started.  After Alvin found a place t live I joined him in march 1942.”

“We took leave and went to Panguitch and planned to go to the St. George Temple while there.  An hour after we arrived, Alvin got word that he must return to his base immediately.  We went to St. George that night, and the people in the temple had a special session for us.  Alvin left on the bus the next morning and was mad a Second Lieutenant on his arrival back at the base.  He wa assigned to Spokane, Washington and I joined him there in about two weeks.”

“After about three weeks he took me back to panguitch and he left for England soon afterwards”

“Alivn’s father died in 1942, and his brother Thomas in 1943 while he was overseas.”

“Alvin returend in August 1943 and we went to Florida.”

“Alvin was made a Captain on May 24, 1994, the day Karl was killed. (See previous post)”

“Alvin was sent to Fort Wayne, Indiana in July 1945…”

“Alvin was getting out as a commissioned officer, but reenlisted as a Master Sergeant.”

“Our next station was in Omaha, Nebraska, were we stayed until April 1947, when Alvin was sent to Hawaii.”

“In October 1941, Alvin was recalled to the rank of Major.  We returned to the Sates on November 17, 1951 and was stations in Springfield, Mass.”

“In May 1952 Alvin came home to tell me that we were being sent to Salt Lake City as he has been assigned to the University of Utah with the Air ROTC.  That was a very happy transfer, as it was the first time in many years that we had been close to my family. We would now be only 250 miles from them.”

“Alvin started to go to college in Hawaii in 1949 during his off duty hours.  In 1956 he graduated from the University of Utah with Honors.”

“We were sent to Biloxi, Mississippi in May 1956 for Alvin to attend another electronics school.”

“On December 15, 1956, we were sent to Washington, D.C. where Alvin worked with the Special Weapons Squadron in the Inspector General’s Office.”

“Our lives have been full and I hope to add many more pages to this in a few more years.  Alvin has almost 20 years in the service and we will have our 16th wedding anniversary this October.  We have had  a happy life and are greatful for our four lovely children.  I hope and pray that I can be a good mother to them and teach them what is right.”




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