Why I live in UTAH

Utah!!!   Utah may have it quirks, it may have its problems, and it definitely has its false reputation accusations to deal with.  But there are a lot of reasons why I live and stay in Utah.    Here is a recent list of news items that make me proud to be a member of this state.

Utah does best in part because it is among the top two best-performing states for low smoking habits, ease of finding clean and safe water, having supervisors who treat workers like a partner rather than a boss, learning something new or interesting on any given day, and perceptions that your city or area are “getting better” rather than “getting worse.” [Gallup.com]


So, the next time you hear someone call you a Utard, or another term to belittle you because you live in Utah, you can back hand them and explain that Utah is the best state to live in (and the rankings and polls support that).

Note: Please don’t physically back hand someone, but think about it and then be nice.