15 Years and counting…

Momzoo and Dadzoo

NOTE: This post is not political in nature, and may been seen by some as a little sappy.  This is a heart felt post.  You have been warned.

The best thing that ever happened to me started because a friend of mine (co-worker) was a visiting teacher to a lady who had an open employment opportunity for a Computer Geek at a local Credit Union.   That friend knew that I was about to explode into my career path with a brand new shinny IS&T degree.  One thing lead to another and I found myself working for that Credit Union. This job was going to be my first post college graduation job.  At that Credit Union there was a 19 year old girl that worked part times and at nights making sure that the tellers checks balanced and then delivered them to the Federal Reserve Bank.  That girl (I say girl at that point, because if you look back 15 years, she was still a girl, not the woman she is now) would soon steal my heart and convince me that she was the one I would spend the eternities with.

That girl is now who some people know as Momzoo, and boy have we turned our little part of the world into a zoo.  But not a crazy zoo, but the kind of a place where we try to put family values first, and try to preserve some of the old family traditions that the world is currenlty trying to eliminate.  Lots of times I think our lives are like a zoo.  I feel at times like we are doing what a zoo does and try to protect a part of life that is no longer main stream.  And a lot of times I feel like people are looking into our world, like at a zoo, to see how these not main stream animals work.

This post is to celebrate 15 years of marriage to Momzoo, and the many things she has taught me over the last 15 years.  I am the person I am today because of her.  There is no question in my mind that she has made me a better person than I would of been without her.  The thought of not being with her is unthinkable to me.  It is like we have always been together, and will always be together.

Things that Aimee aka Momzoo have given me over the past 15 years:

Confidence.  She has given me the confidence to know that, I have the ability to do things I would never dream of doing.   She has taught me that I can put in 1,500 lb access pipes to septic tanks.   I can run heavy equipment to build a pond, and put in drainage pipes.  And that if I come up with a wild idea, I can pass it by her and 9 out of 10 times she lets me try to do it.

A Voice.  She has encouraged me to share my voice.  Before I married, this wonderful woman, there were a couple of topics I would not discuss in public.  Those were religion (unless in Church and on my misison), and politics.  She has encouraged me, to share my voice and to view my opinion as something of worth that others could benifit from by sharing.  I was always the quiet one in the back of the room that would keep his opinions and questions to himself.  She has shown me that my questions, and opinions are as important as anyone else who shares theres.

Courage.  She has also allowed me to explore things that I would never of thought of exploring.  I have started using guns (something I was not given the opportunity to do when growing up).  She has allowed me to try differnt hobbies.  Some of them have included raising and collection scorpions, building a trebuchet, and a sentry gun.

Listen.  She has taught me to listen to the little things.  These include her subtle and not so subtle suggestions.  Promptings from the Holy Ghost.    And the ability to stop and listen to the little voices of our 7 children.

Father.  She has given me the ability to be a father, and has helped me with the responsibility that comes along with that calling.  Over the last 15 years we have added 7 people to our family.  Aimee has given me the family that I have always dreamed of having.

Husband.  This is something that I feel I fall very short on.  But she has taught me that I can be a loving Husband and that is one of the most important callings I have.  I stumble and forget things, but she is patient with me and allows me to learn and develop as a husband.

Bottom line, Aimee is THE BEST thing that has ever happened to me.  I do not regret, or want to change anything in the past 15 years.  Yes, we have made our mistakes, but I would NEVER give up those mistakes, because of the lessons they have taught me.

Here is to the 15 years I have spent with this wonderful woman, and to the rest of my life and eternity with her.