My Political Philosphy


Back in February of 2009, I wrote an Open Letter to Politicians.  In this letter I stated what qualities I think that politicians should have.  I am going to step it up a notch and do a post on my political stance.  Basically this is a post that explains where I stand politically, and some of the reasoning behind it.  Basically if I were to run for any political office, this would be my platform, as well as the platform that I judge all the politicians I vote for.

First, some ground work.  There are a couple core thoughts that I follow and believe in.

  • The Constitution of the US is an inspired document
  • The Founding Fathers were lead by God when they built the foundation for this country
  • You cannot compromise on some issues, there are some issues that you cannot change, or you should not change your stance on.
  • God is the source of our rights, we are given these rights by God, and not from government.  We can ONLY allow government to limit or take away these rights, they cannot give us rights.

Second, the scope of government.

Government’s purpose is to give society things that the individuals of that society cannot give themselves.  These things government can tax for and be responsible for, but they should be available to ALL individuals if they are supported by Tax Funds.  Example, if a city puts in a library and uses Tax funds to build and run the library, then EVERYONE in the community should have access to that library without additional cost.  There should not be a fee that bars anyone that has paid taxes to support that library from enjoying the benefits of that library.  Parks, Streets, etc are also examples of this.  It is OK to charge tax payers for items that are consumables, like water, electricity, etc.  If the tax payers pay for the underlying infrastructure, then there should not be anything that bars those tax payers from using it, but they then can be charged for usage of the consumable.

Government is not to remove freedoms, but to enact laws that punish me if I take freedoms away from another individual.  A recent example is the new law that was passed by Utah that makes it illegal for anyone under 17 to use a cell phone while driving.  I think this laws violates this rule.  There are already laws on the books that will punish someone for talking on the phone if it violates any of my rights.  Example:  if someone runs into my car because they are distracted while driving, there is already a law on the books that deals with that.  We DONT need additional laws that take away my rights when there is already laws in place to deal with punishment if someone infringes on my rights.  Chickens are another perfect example.  Give me something that owning chickens on my property can do to you that is not already covered by some law (noise, smell, hazard waste, etc.)  All of these already have laws with punishments associated with them.  So why do we need laws in place that deal exclusively with chickens?

Government should NEVER force me to buy a product or service.  They can attach taxes and other fees if I decide to purchase something, but they should never force or make me do anything unless I initiate the purchase.  I should not be force to BUY health care because I am an American, but it is perfectly OK to make me purchase car insurance if I purchase a car.  The Car I purchased, knowing I needed insurance, but I did not purchase anything to initiate being force to have health care.

If someone breaks the law, it is the governments responsibility to hand out the punishment associated with the law.  It is not governments responsibility to be selective on who is punished and who is not punished.  If you are breaking the law,  you should be punished for breaking the law.  If someone in congress does not pay their taxes, they should be treated the exact same way as I would be treated if I did not pay my taxes.  If someone an elected official gets a DUI, they should be treated exactly the same way that I would be if I was pulled over for DUI.  Government should not turn their head and not enact the law just because of who a person is.  All Laws should apply to ALL citizens.

Government should never take a just in case stance when making laws and restricting freedoms.  Just because someone might do something does not justify a law to ban that item.  If a law is needed, it should not be just in case this could happen, but it should be if this does happen, this will be the punishment.  Don’t take something away because it could take my freedom away if used incorrectly, make a law that deals with the individual that uses it to take my freedom away.

Government should treat me as if I am as smart or smarter than the law makers.  They should never have the attitude that they know more than I do, and they need to protect me from myself.  Laws should not be made on the assumption that I am stupid, or uneducated.  If you know something, EVERYONE has the ability to know the same thing.  And if they can’t learn it, there is going to be someone besides the government that they know who can help them with it.  DONT try to force parents to be parents, wives to be wives, and husbands to be husbands.  By trying to do this, you are removing freedoms from people who are responsible.

All laws should be looked at as never ending.  If it is enacted, it should be treated as if it will never be repealed or changed.  Don’t pass laws that you know will need to be fixed, changed, or modified in the future.  If the law needs to be passed, pass it with the view it is written in stone, and will never change.  Don’t assume that it can be changed, modified, or repealed later.  Make sure the law is sound before you pass it.

It is NOT governments job to change society.  It is governments job to protect the rights of the members of that society.  Don’t pass laws that are designed and intended to change society norms or society as a whole.  Societal changes should be done on the family and individual levels.  When government tries to force societal change, history has shown it never works as expected.  Don’t legislate societal changes.

Government should not be about protecting the whole, but about protecting the individual.  When the whole becomes more important than the individual, then the government will remove rights from the individual that should not be removed.

Elected officials should HAVE to eat the dog food as well.  There should never be a law passed the makes an elected official exempt from it.  If you pass a law or a bill that requires the general population to do something, then you should also be included in that bill.

Third, changes I would like to see in our current government.

  • The committee process needs to be changed.  It is stupid that freshman congressmen cannot sit on or reside on the most powerful committees.  It should be done by some type of lottery or random drawing, so that new fresh ideas can make their way into the positions currently reserved for senior elected officials.
  • Bills, etc should ONLY have ONE topic.  None of this: lets pass a bill and add crap in the bill that does not even relate to the original subject of the bill.  We should not have a home land security bill that includes funding for turtle bridges in Florida.  That turtle bridge funding should be in a bill all of its own, and titled as such.
  • If you limit the term of one branch of government, you should limit the term of the other branches of government as well.  Judges should be limited in term like the president, as well as members of congress.
  • If you were an elected official, and you do something illegal, then you should lose your governmental support.  If you are convicted of tax fraud, then you should lose your pension and salary.  Just because at one time you were an elected official, does not mean you should always get the benefits of being an elected official if you are not following the laws.



  1. Love this post! If only our leaders would humble themselves and really uphold our Constitution—the way our Founding Fathers intended it to be instead of constantly trying to reinterpret or change it. If only our leaders would seek to be servants as George Washington was…instead of seeking after wealth, power and other benefits for themselves. If only…
    Thanks for a great post.

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