Military Posers

1024px-Flag_funeralOne thing in the news that has me up in arms lately (and there have been a few), but this one I am going to write about.  I HATE MILITARY POSERS.  If you don’t know what I mean, here are just a few examples:

And the list goes on.   You can do a Bing search and see what I am talking about.

One thing I have learned is that people like to take credit for things they have not or are not willing to do.  The reason why this has made me so mad, was because it now has me doubting the true servicemen.  I caught myself looking at the car in front of me that had a license place cover that said,  “Retired US Navy.”  The car was a newer trans am style car.  I found myself thinking, I wonder if that guys is really retired navy, or if he is just one of those military posers.

I am sorry that I thought that.  It was not something that I should of thought.  But these posers are ruining it for the real servicemen.   I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about what perks police officers get.  And he was telling me a story about a restaurant in SLC that would give officers discounts on their meals because at one time and officer saved his life and several of his workers lives during an armed robbery.  But he eventually had to discontinue the discount because it was being abused.

The benefits that servicemen receive will also eventually go way because they are being abused by the military posers.  What will eventually happen is everyone will second guess the servicemen in uniform.  And we will eventually see things go away like discounts on meals, etc.  These people put their life on the line for us, to protect us, and the US constitution.  We need to give them our support, and the posers that are pretending to be servicemen are going to ruin it for them, and make the rest of us doubt if they are legit.

If you feel like you need to pretend to be a Military Officer, or servicemen, you in my opinion are some of the lowest scum sucking pigs there are in the world.  I am calling you out.  You are a coward, and have no real honor or valor in you.  Not everyone has what it takes to be a serviceman, and that is because not everyone can do what needs to be done.  But to pretend that you do, is one of the lowest things a person can do.

I know a lot of servicemen.  I have servicemen in my family line.   I respect them, and the sacrifice that they made for this country.  And the deserve to be honored.  And to anyone that tries to take that credit from them, or to minimalize it, I say there is a special place reserved for you in the after life.