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Interview with Benjamin Franklin

It was my honor to sit down with Benjamin Franklin to discuss his views on some of the common topics of the day as well as his view of what the “American Dream” is.  The following post contains that interview and some interesting facts about Benjamin Franklin.


Before we start with the interview, I want to give you some back ground information on Benjamin Franklin and who he is.  He was born January 17,1706.  He was one of 10 children born to Josiah Franklin and his second wife Abiah Floger.  Franklin is one of the Founding Fathers of the …

Military Posers

1024px-Flag_funeralOne thing in the news that has me up in arms lately (and there have been a few), but this one I am going to write about.  I HATE MILITARY POSERS.  If you don’t know what I mean, here are just a few examples:

More People Than Ever Pretending to be Navy SEALS – “Only 500 [SEALs] served in Vietnam. And we’ve met all 20,000 of them,” said Steve Robinson, a former SEAL in Forsyth, Mo., and author of “No Guts, No Glory: Unmasking Navy SEAL Imposters.” NY Man Busted Pretending to be Soldier for First Class Upgrade – “Rock…

The Constitution: A Heavenly Banner

I have recently been reading a  book entitled, “The Constitution: A Heavenly Banner“.  This book is a collection of Constitutional relates speeches by Ezra Taft Benson, David O. McKay, J. Reuben Clark, Jr. and Bruce R. McConkie.

The book gets its name from a speech by Ezra Taft Benson given at the Marriot Center at Brigham Young University on September 16, 1986.  I would like to talk about this speech, and give what I feel are the bullet points or highlights of the speech.  You can get a copy of the speech in HTML, or MP3 format by following …

Congress – we don’t need it anymore.

I heard something on the news today that boiled my blood, and made my head want to explode.   And I have to share it.

Back in the State of the Union address, President Obama said this:

Some of what’s broken has to do with the way Congress does its business these days.  A simple majority is no longer enough to get anything -– even routine business –- passed through the Senate.  (Applause.)  Neither party has been blameless in these tactics.  Now both parties should put an end to it.  (Applause.)  For starters, I ask the Senate to pass a simple

The Old Man Wept

Momzoo and I for our date night went to Costco in Lehi to pick up some bread.  That was not the only thing we did, but we needed to get some to get us through the weekend.  When we were there we saw a booth for a local company called Cultural Hall home decor.  You can visit their website at:

I found the print called “The Old Man Wept”, and fell in love with it.  As most of you know, I like Benjamin Franklin, and I liked this picture.  I suggest that you check out their exhibit if …

A day of public humiliation, fasting and prayer.. X 15

Did you know that between June 1775 and October 1783 that the Continental Congress declared 15 days of Fasting and Prayer. That is a large number of days considering that the constitution was not penned by a religious membership. These have been taken directly from the “Journals of the Contenental Congress“. Please read some of these. After reading them, you cannot say that they do not believe in the influence and help of an Almighty God. Some of them are asking for protection and guidence, while some of them are days of Thanksgiving.

June 12th, 1775

This Congress, therefore, considering …

It Is A Rising Sun (20 of 20)

“The chair recognizes the gentleman from Pennsylvania, the Honorable Benjamin Franklin.”

It is the 17th of September in 1787, and the venerable Franklin at the age of 81 years has arisen to give his final benediction to that document which the delegates are about to sign, the Constitution of the United States of America.

“Sir,” began Franklin, addressing himself to George Washington, “for four months I have been observing that picture painted on the high arch of your chair. More than anyone in this chamber I have gazed at carvings and paintings of artists of all lands. In the …

The People Change Their Government (19 of 20)

Is it too hard or too easy to amend the Constitution?

There have been over 3000 joint resolutions introduced in the Congress calling for amendments but less than 30 of these have been adopted by the necessary two-thirds vote of both houses, and only 21 have been ratified by the states.

The first ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, were all adopted within two years of the original acceptance of the Constitution. Eight of the original states adopted the Constitution only after receiving positive assurances that a Bill of Rights would be proposed immediately.

The 11th amendment concerning …

Has Congress Failed Us? (18 of 20)

The rights and privileges of the people are restricted. The fault lies with Congress. The supreme Court holds that the federal government has power to regulate insurance on the basis that it is interstate commerce. The Congress is guilty. The president issues executive decrees having the force of law and these decrees deprive men of their right to civil trial by jury. It is Congress that has betrayed the American people.

Congress ought to be the strongest branch of the government, and the guarantor of the rights of the people. congress represents the people. All legislative powers of the federal …

Bureaucracy Comes of Age (17 of 20)

“The influence of the crown has increased, is increasing and ought to be diminished.

This was a resolution directed by the House of Commons in 1780 against the tremendously popular George II. Translated into a modern objection in this nation it would read. “The influence of the federal government and therefore of bureaucracy, has increased, is increasing, and ought to be diminished.”

The centralizing of the powers of government is equally bad in any age. The development of the common law has been the process of de-centralizing the government from a sovereign to the people. One of the basic principles …