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Angel Baby

Over the last few months, I have learned exactly how hard it is to try to do everything the Lord asks of you and not expect him to help you out while doing it.  One of my big struggles with religion I would say is Faith.  I know that there is a creator, that things were planned and created and did not happen just by chance, but I find I have a hard time letting my pride go and actually rely on the Lord for help.  This blog post may sound different from other posts, but this one I am …

Just Fishin….

Last weekend, Chadd (Momzoo’s brother), Erin (Chadd’s new wife), and I took Punk #5, the only boy fishing.  It was funny, because I fixed his line, put his line in the water and he would have nothing to do with it.  Instead, you found a stick and started playing with it.  Then he asked me for some fishline, then asked for a hook.  Well, he then had me tie the fishline and hook to the stick.  He then kept putting it in the water saying he was going to catch the little guppies (minnows) he could see near …

Natural Child Birth – Husband/Father perspective

I have seen the birth of 6 children (with another on the way).  The first 5 children were done with medical help and intervention.  They included an epidural and were induced.   Momzoo wanted to do what people refer to as a natural childbirth.  By natural child birth we at this point are talking about no epidural, and letting the labor and delivery progress on their own.  Momzoo did just that.  In July of 2011 we had our 6th child.  She was born without an epidural, as well as no medical help to induce labor.  Momzoo writes about it on her …

What I have learned as my hair gets grayer.

I am now 41 years old, and my hair has become mostly gray.   I have also been married for almost 14 years (in March) to a very loving and patient wife (momzoo).  During the course of 13 years of marriage, and 41 years of time, there are a few things I have learned and have picked up.  (And at times, I need to sit down and remind myself of them.)

These are just some random thoughts that I have had in the last little while.


Family IS the greatest source of Joy.   There is nothing more powerful then a …

Your one of those!

We recently purchased a 12 Passenger Chevy Express 2500 Van.  After mistakingly thinking that we were done having kids, we are now expecting our 6th child (Girls 5, Boys 1).  The old Chevy Venture was no longer going to fit our family.  The family now calls this new van the BASS.  Punk #5  can now be heard saying,  “Look, Mom, there is another BASS.”   If it is big, has the Chevy symbol on its grille, it is a BASS.  The BASS has changed our lives.  The perception of our neighbors, family, and those seeing us on the street …

We are all nutters….

This piece of paper was given to me by Punk #3 (our 9 year old).   It made me laugh out loud.  I had to share it.

Yay A nuther Sister

Yay A nuther Sister

If you are having a hard time reading the picture, it says…

“Yay!  A nuther sister Ya”

Makes me laugh….…

Run to Walk

We have just signed the entire family (Dadzoo, Momzoo, and the 5 kids) up to do the 1 Mile walk.  We have a lot of relatives that are also going to do the Run to Walk.   If anyone wants to join us, feel free to sign up.   We have a cousin that uses this service, and anyone that signs up and lets them know it is for Stoney Alder he will get a discount on his next visit.

(Click on the logo for more details).

Boy Touch…. Girl Touch….

This weekend was a FUN weekend.  After the regular Saturday and Sunday events, we had a day to ourselves.  If you can call it that.  Momzoo and I went to one of the local fruit stands to buy several boxes of tomatoes.  Then she spent the day making tomato soup, stewed tomatoes, and today she will be making tomato sauce.  The rest of the family got to let their hair down.  (I am sure that we will see a post by Momzoo on her canning activities shortly.)

Our family discovered a fun game, it started when Momzoo and I were …