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Just Fishin….

Last weekend, Chadd (Momzoo’s brother), Erin (Chadd’s new wife), and I took Punk #5, the only boy fishing.  It was funny, because I fixed his line, put his line in the water and he would have nothing to do with it.  Instead, you found a stick and started playing with it.  Then he asked me for some fishline, then asked for a hook.  Well, he then had me tie the fishline and hook to the stick.  He then kept putting it in the water saying he was going to catch the little guppies (minnows) he could see near …

SD – Mount Rushmore

As a family, in November 2011, we went to Mount Rushmore.  Here are some of the pictures we took when we went.

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Now I Can – 5K and 1 Mile Walk/Run

I have a relative that uses “Now I Can” services.  Their service  has helped him out a lot.  They have a Run to Walk race to help pay for some of the physical therapy that the children with disabilities that use their service.

We showed up in force for the “Runnin for Stone 2011..  And them some” run/walk. (Thanks to the family members and to the Chadd Group for coming.)

You can help Now I Can even more by selecting them in the vivint.givesback project.  Go to  and give them a vote.

To save any of these pictures to …

Minnetonka Cave

I have always had a love for Caves.  I guess it started when my older sister took me to a cave when I was in Junior High (I even did a science fair project on water in caves when I was in 9th grade).   I have not been able to visit them as often as I would like.   During a recent vacation we had the opportunity to visit Minnetonka Cave in Idaho, in the Bear Lake valley.   Here are some pictures of that cave that I took.  I hope you enjoy them, there are some pretty cool formations.  See if …