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HoneyBees – Day 14 – First Hive Inspection

On 5/11/2013 we opened the honey bee hive we have to see what has been going on for the last two weeks since we installed the package.  Below are the pictures we took during the process, Momzoo is the photographer.  Punk #2, future bee keeper, helped and you can see her doing some of the work with the frames.
IMG_4002We picked early in the morning, but after the hive was active to open it.  The idea behind this is to allow some of the hive to go out looking for pollen so that there are not as many bees in …

Birds know best.

Do the birds know something that we don’t?   You have always heard that animals know about natural disasters before they happen.   The animals leave the forest before the fire.   Animals act weird before earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters.

This has me thinking…   I have seen some weird behavior from birds in the last couple of months. 

1- There are a bunch of birds-of-prey that are just sitting on the ground in a field by our house.  These birds have been sitting on the ground in a cut field for a month now.  The other day we counted over a …

Momzoo – Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is Momzoo’s birthday (4/27).  I wanted to be the first to do a virtual happy birthday, so here it is.

Momzoo is a country girl at heart.  She would like a big plot of land and a few farm animals.  Because she married a computer geek, that dream is hard to make a reality.  My skills require me to work for a bigger company.   This makes it so that we have to stay close to large populations centers.  We have looked at land in OK, and some other southern states.  There are some states that still have large …

Summer Invasion…. Spiders, Praying Mantis, Oh My….

This summer, like last summer, you have to be really careful when you leave our house. We don’t spray for spiders, because it also kills the good insects. We have had a lot of lady bugs, and other good insects in your yard as well. But you also have to take care, because you find some that people find a little less friendly.

Along with the invasion of the spiders, we have had a lot of long legged friends as well. We have found hundreds of praying mantis in our yard as well. How many can you find in the …