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Founding Fathers – 2015 TOP Fathers, Quotes…

Quotes, Biographies and writtings of the Founding Fathers

I run another site that is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the Founding Fathers.  The site is  I have programmed the site so that it keeps statistics on site usage.  Below are the winners for 2015 in regards to the sites usage.  Remember to check out the FaceBook page associated with the site as well:

TOP 10 2015 Founding Fathers

The numbers behind each of the founding fathers is the number of times that their details page was loaded during 2015.  You can click on the founding fathers name to be taken to that page.

Thomas Jefferson…

Society needs more than laws.

Long Spoons……

There is a parable, fable, or allegory about long spoons.  The fable goes as follows.

Swami was having a conversation with Lord Shiva one day and said Lord, “I would like to know what heaven and hell are like”.


Lord Shiva led the Swami to two doors.


He opened one of the doors and the Swami looked in. In the middle of the room was a large round table. In the middle of the table was a large pot of stew, which smelled delicious and made the Swami’s mouth water.


The people sitting around the

How far they have come….

Albert Sydney Herlong, Jr (Feb 1909 – Dec 1995) U.S. Representative from Florida (Jan 1967 – Jan 1969)

Albert S. Herlong, Jr was a US Representative for the 4th district in Florida from 1967-1969.   On Jan 10, 1963 he read to the house by the request of a Mrs. Nordman a list of “Current Communist Goals,”  this list was taken from a book called, “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen.  If you would like to see a complete list, you can find it at:  I am only going to list of few of them here to open …

My Political Philosphy


Back in February of 2009, I wrote an Open Letter to Politicians.  In this letter I stated what qualities I think that politicians should have.  I am going to step it up a notch and do a post on my political stance.  Basically this is a post that explains where I stand politically, and some of the reasoning behind it.  Basically if I were to run for any political office, this would be my platform, as well as the platform that I judge all the politicians I vote for.

First, some ground work.  There are a couple core thoughts that …

The Love!

If you follow my blog, you know that I plan on voting for Mia Love come this November [Previous Post].  There is a lot of incorrect information floating around out there about her, and the City of Saratoga Springs.  The purpose of this post is to shed some light on the facts, and to let others know the truth, and why I am going to vote for Mia in November.

First, I want to share an experience that I had once when interacting with Mia.  I have had a lot of opportunities to talk to Mia about issues in …

“Concerned Citizens of Saratoga Springs”

NOTICE: This post is not a very nice post on my side.  I am tired of this type of crap when it comes to politics, and I do not hold back any punches on this post.  If you don’t want to hear me rant, then DONT read it.

Yikes….   I received the following email yesterday that was addressed to me, the Bishops, Clerks, Stake Leaders, and Executive Secretaries from several local Latter Day Saint wards.  (Let me first say, that it is against Church policy to send any political or commercial email to people you get from Church rolls, directories …

Utah #1 – Top 20 see red.

Utah sees RED.  There are a lot of reasons why Utah is considered RED, it hosts the Running Utes (school color is Red), the Bountiful Braves (school color is also Red).  But it also is the most RED state in the union because of its high concentration of Republican votes.

But Forbes has given it a #1 rating as the BEST state in the USA for Business.  YEAH for Utah.  That made me start to think.  Lets see what other RED (republican leaning) states are on the top 20 of the list. (You can view the full list here: …

Vanishing Voter

There is a talk by David B. Magleby (Dean of the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences) on October 24, 2000 during a BYU event that is titled “The Vanishing Voter and Other Challenges to Representative Democracy.  You can download the MP3 from or watch it on BYUTV.

In this BYU address, Magleby addresses 4 main areas.

The Declining Rates of Participation and Turnout The Role of Political Parties The Growing Importance of Money in Elections Direct Democracy.

I think that it is a good idea for anyone who wants to be active in politices to watch this …

Religion and Politics

A lot of people say there are two things that people should avoid talking about.  That is Religion and Politics.  I would have to agree in some cases.  There are a few people I know not to discuss religion or politics with.  There are a lot of people that just don’t think the other side can or should be heard.   I will listen to the other side, but that does not mean that I agree with it.

In the 2012 presidential election, we are going to see a big deal about religion and politics.  If the trend continues as it …

The Liberal Bard

The lights dim…  The Liberal Bard starts his poem as music plays softly in the background at the local coffee shop.   The conversations turn to quiet whispers.

“The 1% has dimmed the whiteness of the polar bears fur.”

“The Earth moans as the industrial engine scars its surface for money making resources.”

“The 99% cry as the ice sheet melts, and the 1% closes its ears.”

“The tree crys in pain as the corporate lumberjack mars its bark with its cold steel.”

“The rain forest dies as big pharmaceutical probes its secrets.”

“The beach sand is drenched black as the …