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Spiritual Anorexia

For my birthday, my mother-in-law gave me a couple of CDs.  One of those CDs is a talk by Hank Smith.  The name of the talk is “My Soul Hungered and My Stomach Growled!”.   This talk reiterates one of the concerns that Momzoo and I have been having lately.  We feel that there is a trend in the LDS church to do what is popular, and if you don’t agree with what is said, you just don’t do it and eventually the Church will change its stance on it.   If you would like to read more about that, you can …

Generational Pattern, what pattern are you building?

Husbands, fathers, and grandfathers, how consistently do we show our love and respect for our mothers, wives, daughters, and for all women? There is no real manhood without real respect for womanhood! No man can be exalted who demeans women. Surely no man who is brutal or disrespectful to a wife or mother or any woman is worthy of his priesthood! A lack of sufficient love for our mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters constitutes a major failure for which no other successes can ever fully compensate! Since our sons and grandsons will treat women much as we do, what kind

Meeting the Challenges of Today – My Thoughts

As I mentioned before, I have been reading/listening to talks while I am on the treadmill, and my favorite recent talk is called “Meeting the Challenges of Today” by Neal A. Maxwell.  This talk was given at a BYU devotional on October 10, 1978.   The reason I picked this talk at first was its reference to the founding fathers and its reference to secularism and establishing irreligion as the state religion.  But that talk has more to do with fore ordination and how we should prepare for what is to come.  I want to highlight several points in his talk, …