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Quail Run GreyWater

grewater - system in use

grewater - system in useFirst off, I would like to invite you to the facebook page for Quail Run Farm and join it.  We update it with new info and pictures as the farm grows and becomes better.  You can do that by following this link:

Now on to the post.

At Quail Run, we are on a septic tank.  One of the things we try to do is re-use and re-purpose what we can.  And that includes water.  The water that is generated from tasks like washing clothes, taking showers, bathing, etc. is called Greywater.  Basically greywater is water that is generated …

Why I live in UTAH

Utah!!!   Utah may have it quirks, it may have its problems, and it definitely has its false reputation accusations to deal with.  But there are a lot of reasons why I live and stay in Utah.    Here is a recent list of news items that make me proud to be a member of this state.

Alta and Snowbird ranked #2 sky resorts to visit in 2013. Utah tops Forbes 2012 list of The Best States for Business. Utah is the 3rd best state to retire in. Utah #5 in the Most Peaceful States. Utah #1 in income equality in the…