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I have a lot of domains that I have registered through   This domain is registered with them.  I find it helpful to have your domain registered with a different company than your hosting provider.  This allows you the ability to quickly switch from hosting company to hosting company if you need to.

Since I get a lot of discount codes from, I figured I would list them here as I get them in case I ever need one and have deleted the email, or if someone else can save a few dollars by using them.  So, below is the list of codes and what discount they are suppose to generate.  If you find these codes helpful, please consider sharing this page on Facebook or with a friend.

Thanks,Mike Kieffer Discount coupons and codes

$3 .COM at! Expires 4/16/13.

Help support this site, click on the banner above, before you use any of the codes below.  That way we get a little kick back when you purchase your domain.  The date listed first is the date I added the code to this site.  I have also listed any expire date if provided by GoDaddy.

Domains that are for sale on

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